Friday, February 1, 2013

Freaky Friday Foto: Biquadratic

Freaky, It's the First Friday in February!

OK, because I like to occasionally show off my smarts and help others knowledge at the same time... What's Biquadratic you ask?  And why is it in the title of this blog?
Well, simply, it's "to the fourth power."  And since today's Freaky Friday Foto is also in's powered to the fourth!!   Click the word, for those craving more info about BIQUADRATIC.  Otherwise, moving along to things I know more about....

So I'm sure you most people have heard how photo shoots and filming in general is very often the opposite of what you end up seeing.  For example, the gorgeous girl in her swimsuit on the beautiful summer beach that looks so warm and comfortable, is actually freezing and trying not to shake uncontrollably since it's winter and anything but warm.  Or the guy, in heavy wool coats and layers of clothes tries to stay warm from the cold South Dakota winter, when in actuality he's in Southern California in the middle of summer battling 100 degree temperatures!  (I know that one from personally experience when I worked on the TV show Deadwood).

There are tons of examples of how an illusion is made even though the reality is very different.  Sometimes in fact, as you take beautiful pictures at sunset and you look happy and confidant you are actually being eaten alive.

This was the case with a photo shoot I did with the very talented photographer, Xue Vue.  We had a great location in Sacramento, CA.  On a warm summer day.  Near a river.  At sunset.  Beautiful for a photo shoot.  Also, perfect time for mosquitoes to grab dinner. 
During the shoot, I of course felt them, but only after Xue sent me this photo did I realize how many of them were getting me!  I love this photo, I love that you can LITERALLY see them on me and flying around.  So I thought I would share for today's FFF blog.
Ah the magic of photo shoots!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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