Monday, October 20, 2014

Film Fun Fact....

Did you know that the beautiful ceramic Christmas trees featured in my films, Everything As Is and Everything Twas can be purchased!!?! That's right! Your very own, handmade ceramic, made in the USA with skill and love, can be all yours!  No movie magic about that....

But here is something that's pretty magical, and something you may not be aware of, Texas Hill Country Ceramics & Gifts generously DONATED multiple trees to our films!! 

Help me support a company who supports others!! Pay it forward and get your very own "Twas Tree"!

The holidays are just around the corner after all...

To find out more, go to their website,

Also, become a Fan of Texas Hill Country Ceramics & Gifts on Facebook HERE

Thanks and if you do purchase your own Twas tree, take a pic and please be sure to share it with me!!  I'll feature it on the Everything Twas fanpage!! 

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See Everything As Is and Everything Twas on YouTube here:

Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's Christmas in August!

Why not, right?

As summer comes to its eventually (and sad) end.  I figured, why not add a little Holiday Magic to your Summer heat!??  Right?  Do you feel me?

I don't know.... maybe it's because I've begun working on 2014's Holiday Card, and so I have snow and holiday cheer on the mind?  Or... maybe it's because I'm over heated from these summer temperatures?  Who knows!?
But either way....I felt like it was a great time to share my holiday short film, Everything Twas again.  If you haven't seen it yet, or even if you have, cool down, check it out!
Enjoy, and celebrate some holiday August!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

"I wonder where you are...."

Well, wonder no more!  HELLO can now easily be found, both on YouTube AND NOW on Vimeo!!

Haven't seen HELLO on YouTube yet?  Well now there is NO excuse to not check out my short film/music video hybrid!! No excuse!
The film Hello creatively uses Lionel Richie's iconic song of the same name to tell a new and surprising story.
I am very proud of the results and of my team!  I've been so thankful for all the kind words and people sharing their thoughts and opinions with me!  Join the conversation!  I would love to hear your thoughts after you watch Hello!!
Also, be sure to check out my previous blog chatting about HELLO and it's content HERE
*Please be advised, Hello contains PG CONTENT!!

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HELLO from Paul Howard on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

High Strung plays my hometown!

EXCITING NEWS!! (especially for all my Sacramento Friends and Family):
The short film, High Strung (directed by John Gehrke), that I have a part in and stars Tommy Cooley with Hair & Makeup by Simply Vanity by Lara-Noelle has been accepted to another film festival! This time, the film will be playing in my hometown at the Sacramento Film & Music Festival (shockingly, it's the FIRST TIME I've ever had a film play in Sacramento!?!?)

High Strung plays at 10pm on Saturday, August 23rd as part of their "late night" short group!! It will be playing at the AMAZING Crest Theater, and I'm hoping my local peeps will go and support it and the team!! (The fact that it's playing at The Crest Theatre is reason alone to go see it!! I love the Crest!)
Go to their website, for more info and tickets!!

*Unfortunately, I myself will not be able to attend (I'll be out of the country on another project) but I'm looking forward to hearing all about it from those who attend!!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Officially ended.

The Heisted Kickstarter campaign has officially ended, and we did not make our goal.
To the 38 individuals, in total, who, with action supported and pledged to Heisted, I want to personally and sincerely thank you.  Thank you for supporting my project.  I know each and every one of your names and will always remember and be grateful for your support.
I also want to say, to those 38 backers, that this is not the end of Heisted.  This is just the end for now.  The silver lining is that the idea of Heisted has been created, and that can’t be undone.  Heisted will someday, in a different way, be made.

To everyone, I believe creativity and art must be supported…financially.  Artists make their art for the love of it and for you to enjoy, to be challenged by, stimulated, inspired, and to be entertained.  This process is not free of cost.  An audience has a responsibility in this process.  Even in this digital age of ours, content-good content-costs money to make.
Why should art be consumed at no cost to the viewer and at all cost to the artist?

Remember to dream.  Remember to follow your dreams (with action). 
Remember that dreaming is where everything tangible and real was born.
Keep the Faith.

I do.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why June 25th? The Lionel Richie & Michael Jackson connection.

Is It Me You're Looking For?

I'm very excited and proud to announce that my short film/music video hybrid, Hello, has premiered on YouTube!
The project is based on Lionel Richie's song of the same name and has been an idea I've had for over two years.  However, due to the fact that the music was copyrighted and there were no obvious forums to present it, I just held on to it.  Waiting.
When Heisted first came into play, and the Kickstarter campaign that would come with it, I suddenly saw a reason and place for Hello.  It seemed like a perfect fit.  We would shoot Hello, as a complete and fully separate project... or film, and it will exist as that forever, but we would also ultimately use it as a sort of Trailer, for Heisted.  To show people what we were capable of as a creative team in the hopes that they would join our campaign and pledge to it!  (Speaking of, to find out more information on Heisted and to pledge click HERE)
We filmed Hello in London while I was there and shot it to appear like New York City.  I know!  I'm the only guy who goes to London to shoot it like NYC!
It worked perfectly though, and the city easily doubled for America!  The look and feel I wanted for Hello was perfectly captured and I'm excited by all the creative choices we made, including to shoot it in the UK!

The MJ Connection

To answer this, you have to first understand something about me.  Something that is about me as an individual but also about me as an artist...
I think the format of the music video is a perfect format for storytelling.  The possibilities are truly endless!  You get to do it all!!  You are limited by nothing!  Not like television, or film.  You can have characters singing and not call it a musical.  You can have them acting or dancing or both!  Using Music, Singing, Acting, Dancing, and any visual tool you can throw at it, like animation, cinematography, visual special effects, makeup, choreography, and costuming, you can create an amazing, original, and totally unique story.  No limits!
I have always had a deep respect for not only the format of music videos but the artists, both in front of the camera and behind it, who have created truly iconic stories and experiences!  Plus, I am and have been, personally inspired my music videos.  I have been struck with awe, I have cried, I have laughed, I have held my mouth wide open in shock and amazement.  All things that music videos have made me feel.  They are more then a music video though, they are an experience, or as Michael Jackson referred to them, they are "Mini Movies"!


Inside My Mind

Like many people I have loved the Lionel Richie song Hello for years.  An AMAZING pop song, and in my opinion, one of the best pop songs of all time.  A love song to many, but I was struck by the lyrics:

I've been alone with you
Inside my mind
And in my dreams I've kissed your lips
A thousand times
I sometimes see you
Pass outside my door
Is it me you're looking for?
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your smile
You're all I've ever wanted
And my arms are open wide
'cause you know just what to say
And you know just what to do
And I want to tell you so much
I love you

I was immediately struck with the message, underneath the beautiful, poetry, and love song pop lyrics.  There is something darker, something sinister underneath the simplicity.  It's there in the music too.  Listen for it.  Something stalking.  A repetitive "drumming" of the piano.  A repetitive note.  Like torture.  Even Lionel's voice has a whisper to it, a haunting feel.  Desperate.  Loving, yes, but something more.
"I wonder where you are...Are you somewhere feeling lonely, Or is someone loving you" He sings.  Why does he wonder?  Does he know her?  Have they ever actually met?
And then he says to me the line that sums everything up, "But let me start by saying, I love you."
Start.  He'll start there.  Having possibly never met, the first thing he tells her is that he loves her.  Even for pop music this is fairly unnerving.
Armed with these questions and thoughts, I began to imagine a new music video for the song.  An updated, mini movie, that would tell a new story but still remain respectful and true to the source material.  After breaking down the lyrics, original music video, and music, I would create a treatment that is pretty darn close to the video you can watch today on YouTube.  The courtship, and discovery, the beginnings of love and obsession, to the disappointment and betrayal to the final retribution.  I was inspired by many music videos, many specifically from the eighties.  George Michael's Father Figure being a main one.  However, we specifically used elements and references from Lionel Richie's Hello too, as a tribute.  Plus, it felt appropriate to "re imagine" elements of not just his song and lyrics, but his music video.


June 25th

Like most things with me, everything is for a specific reason.  Nothing is arbitrary.  June 25th is no expection, and with it the explanation of the Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson tie in.....
June 25th, 2014 is the five year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death and I believed, what better way to honor him then releasing Hello on this date.  Michael and Lionel were friends and worked together on most famously, We Are the World, so I felt like the date would be approriate for a tribute to Lionel too.

And there you have it.  Hello.  My inspiration, my hopes, the whens, wheres, and whys!  Now, with no further ado... I hope you will check out HELLO and if you are entertained by it, please like it, and please share it, and very importantly, please consider checking out our HESITED kickstarter campaign.

Thank you!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Three so far. Tomorrow makes Four.

Hopefully you've heard about the EZ Productions Promos by now...
We've released three so far, and all three have reached over a 1000 views each on YouTube!!  The reaction has been amazing!

The promos were created for Ettore Zuccarelli and his Production company, EZ Productions.  They feature him, and a whole bunch of other "characters" (even some of the Celebrity type!).  The promos are directed and written by Yours Truly and are edited by Gareth Fient.

Tomorrow we'll premiere the newest one, SPECIFICS.  Check out all of the ones you've missed so far (plus the EZ PROMO Teaser) at the EZ PRODUCTIONS YouTube page, and see the newest one, Specifics, tomorrow, June 24th!

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