Monday, March 31, 2014

What's important about March 31st? The answer is EZ!!

What's important about today you ask?  What's so important about March 31st, 2014?
Well, the answer is... EZ!!

EZ Productions, that is!!

Yup, today is the day, I'm excited to announce, that the first EZ Productions: A Day in the Life premieres!!  The first promo, titled "Normal" was written and directed by me.
It was truly a pleasure to direct the talented cast and crew and I am so pleased and excited with the results!!  See "Normal" by scrolling down and clicking below!

I am also super excited to announce that each month, for the rest of 2014, we will be releasing another new and different promo!  Celebrities, behind the scenes, entertainment industry antics, educational videos, animals, and more!!  There are tons of surprises be sure to subscribe to EZ Productions on YouTube HERE and don't miss a single promo!!

Thank you to everyone who helped create this promo and all the others!!  Please take a moment to check out the credits below, the team deserves the acknowledgement!!  And then, enjoy.... NORMAL!

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EZ Productions: A Day in the Life


Featuring the talents of:
Ettore Zuccarelli and Sonia Chopra

Director of Photography: Marc Wiercioch
1st AD: Jamie Dedeaux
2nd AD: Chase Alexander
Script Supervisor: Brett Richards
Sound by: Matt Thompson
2nd AC: Andrew Cho
Hair & Makeup by: Garret Gervais & CJ Neal
Wardrobe by: Linda Medvene & Sarpreet Gill
Set Dec. & Props by: Josh Paul Thomas & Joseph Mauceri
Photographer: Nate Hoffman
Animal Trainers: Mike Morris Jr & Madara Stinkuls
Production Assistant: Paulo Rocha

*Special thanks to all the talented cast of "characters" appearing (or soon appearing) throughout our monthly promos:
(In Alphabetical Order)
Jeffery Acoff, Aaron Bauer, Carmine Bicchetti, Sonia Chopra, Igor Corbe, Marcia Cross, Patrick Dempsey, Matt H. Erdems, Edy Ganem, Victor Garber, Whoopi Goldberg, Nate Hoffman, Paul Howard, Felicity Huffman, JoJo the Donkey, Katie the Monkey, Tatiana Kaufman, Eva Longoria, Lotus the Lamb, Linda Medvene, Yanis Onkes, Ana Oritz, Dania Ramirez, Arielle Raycene, Judy Reyes, Brett Richards, Paulo Rocha, Rebecca Romijn, Roselyn Sanchez, Nicolette Sheridan, Susie the Elephant, Dennis Tong (aka Lucky Madison)

Written by: Paul Howard

Post Work (including editing, sound, & color correction) by: Gareth Fient

Produced by:
Ettore Zuccarelli & Paul Howard


Shot on location at Quixote Studios, West Hollywood, CA


Thursday, March 27, 2014

If the drinking and the guns don't kill me...the snake bite will.

I thought it would be fun to share my 1000 Ways to Die episode again.  What a fun shoot!  I love how the clip turned out too!
It's crazy to think the stories on the show are TRUE and about REAL PEOPLE and REAL EVENTS.  Sad, actually... and a little scary...

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Trust me, it's me! You can call me, Mr. Lexus...

So, you're going to have to mostly take my word for it, but if you look closely, real closely, maybe even squint a little bit....but you'll notice that yours truly is driving that beautiful Lexus in the new Lexus ad.
Sunglasses on.  Zoolander stare.  Yup.  It's me!  Go ahead, just call me, Mr. Lexus!

There I am!!  In a Lexus ad!!  And it's almost impossible to identify me! 
You got to love this crazy industry of mine, otherwise known as the Entertainment Industry, you got to love how it works sometimes.

Well, at least I'll know that it's me appearing in the ad.  And so will you, now!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Try, Try, Try Again

I took the time to put this together in the hopes that it gets passed around and that it will serve as a reminder to...  Try, Try, and Try Again. 

Always follow your dreams and never give up!! 

Remember that failure is just a step along the way to success!!

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