Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Trust me, it's me! You can call me, Mr. Lexus...

So, you're going to have to mostly take my word for it, but if you look closely, real closely, maybe even squint a little bit....but you'll notice that yours truly is driving that beautiful Lexus in the new Lexus ad.
Sunglasses on.  Zoolander stare.  Yup.  It's me!  Go ahead, just call me, Mr. Lexus!

There I am!!  In a Lexus ad!!  And it's almost impossible to identify me! 
You got to love this crazy industry of mine, otherwise known as the Entertainment Industry, you got to love how it works sometimes.

Well, at least I'll know that it's me appearing in the ad.  And so will you, now!

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