Monday, December 28, 2015

Nearly (almost!) 12,000 views for Christmas Visitations!!

A very Happy Holidays to you my amazing followers and supporters!

I hope this finds everyone well, and hopefully mostly rested from the cascade of holiday events...
You know though.... There is one more event left.... and it's an important one!!!

Can we get Christmas Visitations to hit 12,000 views before NEW YEAR'S DAY?

We're sure going to try!  Help us hit another milestone before the end of 2015 by continuing to watch, comment, and of course SHARE our film NOW!

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Wishing you success and health in 2016!

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Monday, December 14, 2015


I'm very excited and proud to reveal the official image for my 2015 Holiday card!!

As you know, this is a yearly tradition that I always look forward to!  This year's image makes the holiday tradition eight years old!!  Eight images (well, technically more counting alternate shots), and eight years in total!!
As in previous years, I am so happy with the end results and appreciative of all of the hard work that went into this year's card!
I want to thank all the talented individuals who helped me create my iconic moment from Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol!  Special thanks to Photographer, Paul Webster, who was my photographer this year! Please see the entire team's details and names below!

Be sure to also check out for more holiday magic (and additional images)!!

Happy Holidays!  Hoping that you are visited with JOY & MAGIC in 2016!!

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Special Thanks:

And for those of you who want to see more of Marley's origins...

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Christmas Visitations has been out for just over 2 weeks and we just passed another milestone....
3000 views of our film on YouTube!!

It really is a HAPPY holidays!  Thank you to everyone supporting the film by watching and sharing!  And if you haven't watched it yet, or shared it... now is the time!


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Thursday, December 3, 2015

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Holiday Card Edition!

Well it's December, and if I'm going to be doing any Throwbacks (#tbt) I figured they should all be HOLIDAY THEMED!  So, this throwback Thursday is dedicated to my holiday card tradition!

Can you believe it?
2015 will be the eighth year of my Holiday card tradition!  EIGHT YEARS!  How time flies!!  You can see ALL of my official Holiday Card images below, in chronological order, from the first year to the most recent.  In addition, just for you blog readers, I have even included a "clue" image for THIS YEAR'S card! Just a little sneak/tease.  See below!

Speaking of, I'm so excited to be revealing this year's the next week or so!  You know the drill, I have to first get the hard copy versions mailed out, THEN I can reveal online!! 
So if you are "on the list" or if you were one of the Christmas Visitations backers who signed up for the Holiday Card Reward, watch your mailboxes for some holiday magic very soon!!

This year's holiday card will ALSO come with an "online portion" just like last year's Blue Christmas did!!  I'll be releasing the link when I release the image!

Thank you for being a part of my world.  A very HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and to your loved ones!

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Find the ONLINE portion for Blue Christmas here:

AND THIS YEARS IMAGE IS STILL... COMING SOON. In the meantime, your tease: