Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Blended Holidays

Maybe you haven't noticed... but the holidays really have started to blend together...
Christmas is already being sold and marketed well before Halloween has even happened.  Thanksgiving is just the moderator in between Halloween and Christmas, trying to keep them separate but failing and in the process almost completely ignored as the two power house holidays battle it out for your attention and for your money (I mean Black Friday is probably more "popular" as far as holidays go then Thanksgiving now!).
I guess Disney has known for years what's really up (don't they always)... it really is the Nightmare Before Christmas!

In that spirit, I share this great gif!  Happy Halloween (almost).  Happy Countdown to Christmas.

Happy Paulidays!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Film Fun Fact....

Did you know that the beautiful ceramic Christmas trees featured in my films, Everything As Is and Everything Twas can be purchased!!?! That's right! Your very own, handmade ceramic, made in the USA with skill and love, can be all yours!  No movie magic about that....

But here is something that's pretty magical, and something you may not be aware of, Texas Hill Country Ceramics & Gifts generously DONATED multiple trees to our films!! 

Help me support a company who supports others!! Pay it forward and get your very own "Twas Tree"!

The holidays are just around the corner after all...

To find out more, go to their website, http://www.texashillcountryceramics.com/

Also, become a Fan of Texas Hill Country Ceramics & Gifts on Facebook HERE

Thanks and if you do purchase your own Twas tree, take a pic and please be sure to share it with me!!  I'll feature it on the Everything Twas fanpage!! 

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See Everything As Is and Everything Twas on YouTube here: