Wednesday, March 14, 2018

We Believe

If I'm proud of the work we're doing with our documentary series, Ann Asks, then I'm over the moon about the results!!
My goal has always been to do more than "just" create entertaining, inspiring, educating films.
With our first Ann Asks Volunteer Day back in January we did exactly that!
Tangible, specific, real, articulate ACTION!
Thanks to all the friends and supporters who joined (many who are featured here) and special thanks to The L.A. Kitchen for hosting and the individuals from Performing Arts Studio WestSpirits Landing Inc, and Still Kickin' L. A. who attended, representing all our previous episodes! I deeply appreciate you all! We really are stronger together.
Together, we can change the world.
We Believe


We Believe from Paul Howard on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Passion and Purpose Premieres!

I deeply enjoy the process of creating all my projects, but there is something really special about creating Ann Asks

The process of hearing about or discovering an organization that is doing inspiring work. Then partnering with them to coordinate and film. During all of this, I'm also working with Ann Benson to craft a story and find engaging ways to present this group we'll be featuring.

Then there is my crew, both for production and post. Amazing individuals who are so passionate about this series and our mission that their skills but more importantly, their commitment heighten our quality.

The last part though, is really my favorite... Finally getting to share all our hard work with the public. Getting to hear their reactions... that what we've created has touched them or inspired or educated them... there really is nothing better!

Today is that day! I'm proud to share with all of you that the fourth episode of Ann Asks has premiered and is available to watch now! Please take the time to watch and once you have finished I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts! If you enjoyed, please let others know by liking and sharing!

Thanks to everyone (tagged below) who made this episode possible! I am so grateful!!


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Watch out boy, he'll chew you up....

Hopefully by now you've heard about the GingerBread Mannibal... He's a friendly enough guy but watch out if you're made of Gingerbread... he'll chew you up!

Happy Holidays!

There are 13 episodes currently (with one final episode to still come).  Please enjoy the Mannibal's Gingerbread Reviews...

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Like the subject line says (in Emoji), It’s Time to Watch “Emotivention" Now!!

My latest project, the comedy short, EMOTIVENTI😡N has officially premiered!!

See it NOW and see it EXCLUSIVELY at the What’s the Alternative? Productions Facebook Fan Page or by clicking HERE

You don’t have to be a member of Facebook to watch, just go to the link below, when the log in pops up, just click “Not Now” and then press PLAY to watch!!  
I’m very proud of the entire team of talented individuals who helped make this film possible and sincerely hope you enjoy my latest!  
If you do, please remember to like & share!!


Friday, October 27, 2017

No TRICKS... just a HALLOWEEN TREAT awaits...

A Halloween Surprise for your Friday!!!

After you watch, be sure to check out (and like): What's The Alternative? Productions on Facebook so you don't miss the premiere of E M O T I V E N T I😡N


Thursday, October 19, 2017

E M O T I V E N T I😡N (Just a Tease πŸ‘€)

A Film by Paul Howard


Starring Karis Campbell, Tonya Harris, Paul Howard, Katie Keene, Adam Rotenberg, Peter Szeliga and Charlotte Bayne

Produced by Ettore Giovanni Zuccarelli

Shot by Marc Wiercioch
Hair & Makeup by Mana Afshar

Edited by Gareth Fient
Music by Erick Schroder

Directed & Written by Paul Howard

Coming Soon!

Be sure to FOLLOW the What's The Alternative? Productions Facebook Fan Page HERE!! The short film will exclusively premiere there!!!

E M O T I V E N T I😡N 
T E A S E R πŸ‘€T R A I L E R:


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Timely. Although I wish it wasn't so...

We've been hard at work on our latest episode of Ann Asks, for a few weeks now.  Unfortunately, the timing of its release couldn't be better considering the subject matter and what just happened in Las Vegas.
Although I wish that wasn't true.

I'm very proud of Q & Ann: Guns, Fingerprint Technology & NRA and am glad to add our voice to the current conversation.

Please watch and share.