Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Passion and Purpose Premieres!

I deeply enjoy the process of creating all my projects, but there is something really special about creating Ann Asks

The process of hearing about or discovering an organization that is doing inspiring work. Then partnering with them to coordinate and film. During all of this, I'm also working with Ann Benson to craft a story and find engaging ways to present this group we'll be featuring.

Then there is my crew, both for production and post. Amazing individuals who are so passionate about this series and our mission that their skills but more importantly, their commitment heighten our quality.

The last part though, is really my favorite... Finally getting to share all our hard work with the public. Getting to hear their reactions... that what we've created has touched them or inspired or educated them... there really is nothing better!

Today is that day! I'm proud to share with all of you that the fourth episode of Ann Asks has premiered and is available to watch now! Please take the time to watch and once you have finished I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts! If you enjoyed, please let others know by liking and sharing!

Thanks to everyone (tagged below) who made this episode possible! I am so grateful!!


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