Thursday, December 12, 2013

Because I "Just Can't Resist You"....

Because I "Just Can't Resist You"....My Amazing Friends, Family, Fans, & Supporters.... I have a special BONUS Holiday treat for you... 1940's Style!

Thank you for supporting me in all the amazing ways that you do!  Happy Holidays and please enjoy, from the world of Everything Twas: Twas, The Night Before... He Left for War...

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bang Bang... Bonnie & Clyde Style...

One of my favorite things about this crazy industry that I work in is getting to see how things ultimately end up.  Meaning, most times while you work on projects (films, television, photo shoots) you only get to see one aspect of your work.  That's what you are actually doing on set.  What is actually there and real.  There are no special effects in place, no retouches, no fonts, or logos or music or finalizing of any kind.  Instead, you have to patiently wait (sometimes years) to see how things turn out and are finalized.  What images or scenes are used?  Which ones are not?  Did they change things from the original vision or keep it exactly the same.  How does the story work?  The acting? The modeling? The directing?
As a producer I have a deep respect and interest in these things.  Many times, on projects that I produce, I also have control over a lot of this.  It's part of the job!  However, as many people who are "talent" can attest to, as an actor or model you often have little to no say in these things.  It's anyone's guess as to what the final product will be or where or how it will end up.  As talent, you do your work, and then kind of cross your fingers and hope!
I was fortunate enough to work on the promotion for Bonnie & Clyde (Appearing on A&E, Lifetime, and The History Channel two nights, starting tonight!) back in May in Baton Rouge.  I had limited but specific interaction with the entire cast, including Emile Hirsch and Holliday Grainger, and producers.
Many of the things we shot for promotion didn't make the cut (some of which are below with me standing in) others did, like the ad campaign you have probably seen in some form or another.  Overall, I truly had a blast working on this one and can't wait to see the film.  Check it out, tonight!

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For more information on Bonnie & Clyde:

Friday, December 6, 2013

AS IS: How to Negotiate Starring Ann Benson PREMIERES

From the World of EVERYTHING AS IS, comes AS IS: How to Negotiate starring Eve Sigall & Ann Benson.  See more adventures in GARAGE SELLING in this fun, short film starring these amazing and talented ladies!   And be sure to see my full film, EVERYTHING AS IS on YouTube!!

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tis the win!!!

Today I have started a contest that will run for only ONE WEEK! (12/5 to 12/12). The EVERYTHING = EVERYTHING Facebook Contest!! YAY!!!

There will be TWO winners (one for each page) who will each win one of the Ceramic Christmas Trees (pictured below) AND used in the filming of Everything As Is and Everything Twas!!  The contest is sponsored by (and the trees were generously donated by) Jacque Honeycutt of Texas Hill Country Ceramics & Gifts (

You will receive one entry by filling out the entry form on the Everything As Is fan page, you can ALSO then fill out the entry form on the Everything Twas fan page to be entered a second time… and if you share the contest (you'll receive a special unique url to share) and someone enters, you'll receive additional entries!!  With no limit!!  How cool is that?!?!  If you get enough people to enter under your special url, you could get tons of additional entries increasing your chances of winning!!

PLEASE help me get the word out by SHARING this contest, EVERYWHERE and numerous times!!  And go enter now!  Remember, it runs for ONE WEEK ONLY!!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

My Holiday Film, Everything Twas, Premieres

It's official....all the long hours, the multiple shoot days, the organizing and planning the stress and all comes to this:
The World Premiere of my third and final film this year, the Holiday film, EVERYTHING TWAS.

Watch it now on YouTube, and please remember, support the cast & crew by making sure to SHARE it and LIKE it!!  Help us get the word out and help others to see it!

An early, Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Everything Twas, My Holiday Film, Premieres its Trailer!

It's official, Everything Twas now has a trialer!!  Check it out on YouTube NOW by clicking the link below!  Please make sure when you do you also click LIKE, then, be sure to Tweet it, Post it, Blog it, Share it, Pin it, and email it out to all your network, friends, and family!!
Everything Twas is going to be AMAZING!  I truly can't wait for you all to see the film when it premieres later this month, on November 25th!!
Until then, enjoy a little Twas Teaser Trailer action!

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    **And for those of you who haven't yet, please be sure to watch the movie that inspired 'Twas, EVERYTHING AS IS, HERE!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013


It is official, my next film, has premiered!!
In May there was Picnic Area 11 and now October brings Everything As Is (and as a heads up, in November will see the premiere of my holiday film, Everything Twas) but for now, it's all about EVERYTHING AS IS!  See it now and please, if you enjoy, spread the word about it!!  Post it, like it, share it!!

Thank you for your support!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dracula is a F*ckin Dick

Happy Wednesday!  And with it, a very Happy (Almost) Halloween!!
Check out this video I just uploaded to my YouTube channel!


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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


My calendar is FULL!  Very, VERY full these next couple of months... but I'm very excited to be finishing out the year on a fun and creative BANG!!  And more importantly, getting to share my stories and all new content with you!
It's a good problem to have, but looking over the calendar and trying to finalize all the dates for the various reveals, premieres, and holiday goodies I have coming ...WOW.... there is some coordination that needs to happen here.  I am carefully balancing two new films, Everything As Is (premiering this Saturday, 10/26) and Everything Twas (Premiering one month later on 11/25)!  PLUS, I have a teaser trailer for 'Twas,' some behind the scenes footage from both films, two new "AS IS" (original side stories connected to Everything As Is).  Then there is still the reveal of my Holiday card this year, plus some surprises from my previous years of Holiday cards, Paul's 12 Days of Shout Outs and lastly, and I'm announcing here, officially, for the first time, another contest that will be running the beginning of December!!
Stay tuned on that one!!

And now to kick off all the new stuff coming.... Check out my recently uploaded interview to the EVERYTHING AS IS CHANNEL on YouTube.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

My next film, EVERYTHING AS IS, Premiere Date Set!

I'm excited to officially announce the date for the premiere of my next film, Everything As Is.  That date is Saturday, October 26th, 2013!  In fact, that is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!
Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel: HERE so you don't miss the premiere, and be sure to like our Facebook Fanpage for all the latest news and updates: HERE
What started with Picnic Area 11 now continues with Everything As Is. A totally new and different story but the same movie making concept and quality....
Bring together a professional, talented, and fun team to create a high quality content but at low budget costs. All the while, giving new or inexperienced individuals the opportunity to shine and learn! And giving EVERYONE involved an opportunity to get real and fast exposure from a project that goes online, gets out there and gets our work seen!
I'm truly so very excited to premiere my next film!!  Check back here and at the fanpage and don't miss the release of Everything As Is on Saturday, October 26th!!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

New Bloopers & Behind the Scenes Added to PA11 Playlist!!

New Behind the Scenes & Blooper Videos from my short film, Picnic Area 11 have just been recently added to the Picnic Area 11 YouTube Playlist!!
If you haven't seen my film yet,  or haven't seen it recently, why not go and check it out now?
After seeing the film, check out the various behind the scenes videos, interviews, and bloopers HERE

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE on YouTube so you don't miss all the great things coming soon....
Everything As Is will premiere first and then Everything Twas premieres the end of November!!

Behind the Scenes footage by & Special thanks to Kim Burgaard

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Everything As Is Premieres Official TRAILER!

The official trailer for EVERYTHING AS IS premiered yesterday!
See it below now!  And stay tuned for the release of the film in Septmeber!
Please Like and Share the trailer and remember to become a FAN on facebook HERE!

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Friday, August 16, 2013

EVERYTHING, Everything As Is

Hopefully you've next project is EVERYTHING AS IS.  I have successfully completed PRE production and then successfully filmed the short (two day shoot happened August 4th and August 5th in Valley Village, CA) and I am now currently in POST production....
The film is being edited and I have also started the process of promoting it and bringing in the last jobs to help complete it!  There is still a TON to be done, but I am very excitied!
I am hoping to PREMIERE the film in September and am premiering the OFFICIAL TRAILER this Monday, August 19th.  Please check out the following links to help support my film or maybe even become involved!
Thanks in advance!

Become a Fan on Facebook by clicking here!

Subscribe to the Everything As Is YouTube Channel here!

RSVP to Our FACEBOOK Event for the PREMIERE of the EAI Trailer!

Or to see our CRAIGSLIST AD Click here

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Monday, July 22, 2013

I was almost a Supermarket Superstar....

OK, well not really, but I did do some promo work for Lifetime's new summer show, Supermarket Superstar!   Unfortunately, I was recently informed that I only ultimately made it to the cutting room floor and not an actual promo (I was also told however, that my footage was really good, they just "went in a different direction" for the ads.  So that's good...right?!).  It is the nature of this beast, called Entertainment.
But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the show, premiering tonight on Lifetime and hosted by Stacy Keibler (or see some photos from my "didn't make the cut" promo).

Find out more info on the show, including local times HERE

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Big Day... a Big Picnic Area 11 Day!!

July 11, 2013.
Two months ago Picnic Area 11 premiered!  Also two months ago, well actually, a little longer ago, sometime before that, when I was finishing Picnic Area 11 up, finalizing it and getting it ready, I set a goal.  That goal was to hit 3000 views on YouTube in two months!  It was something that I thought was possible, but something I KNEW I would work hard to achieve.

Well, I'm happy to report, WE DID IT!!!!!  "We" because I couldn't have done it without all the amazing people who helped make it happen!  Thank you to everyone who worked on Picnic Area 11, everyone who shared it, everyone who liked it, and passed it along!! Everyone who believes in me and supports me! You are all rockstars in my book!!  

Picnic Area 11 is currently at 3063 and counting!!  (And heck, the 11th isn't even over yet!) The movie premiered two months ago today, and the feedback, experience, and support has been truly AMAZING!  I'm so excited to see how Picnic Area 11 will continue to grow over time, and get more and more exposure and views! 

And in OTHER Picnic Area 11 news, today the winners of the Picnic Area 11 Prepare to Play & Picnic Contest were announced!!  Thanks to EVERYONE who participated and congrats to all our winners!!

Our Grand Winner of the $200 Gift Card* is:
Christopher Singleton

Winner of the Peet's Coffee & Tea* Prize Pack is:
Suzi Hann

Winner of the Fully Stocked Picnic Basket* is:
Mark Battenfeld

And our 5 Runner Up Winners, each of who will each receive a Tai Treats Candy pack are:

2: @Natalie Lyons
3: Craig Surko
4: @Tiffany Aaron
5: @Meadow McClelland

*Our 3 Grand Winners will also receive a Candy Pack in addition to their prizes.


WOW....that's a lot of exciting Picnic Area 11 news....what a great day July 11th has turned out to be for Picnic Area 11 and it's supporters!
And now I start my next project, Everything As Is, and hope you'll follow it and give the same support in this new adventure!!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Are you a WINNER?

There are only days left before the winners of the Picnic Area 11's Prepare to Play & Picnic Contest are announced!  All winners will be announced July 11!
July 11th is also exactly two months after Picnic Area 11 premiered on YouTube (Wow, time flies)!  We are fast approaching our goal of 3000 views by that date!!  (When I last checked we were about 200 views shy of 3000!!).  So close!  So Cool!
Please take a moment to view the film again or for the first time....and if you enjoy...share it and pass it along!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, who have viewed the film, who liked it, and who shared it with their friends, family, and networks!  I APPRECIATE YOU ALL!

Check back here or on Picnic Area 11's Facebook Fan Page, Thursday, July 11th for the announcement of the winners!
Good Luck!

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Watch Picnic Area 11 on You Tube:


Blooper Fun:

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Let Freedom Ring. Always.

The 4th of July.
An amazing day, and not just because of the barbequing and fireworks (although that's great too). The 4th of July celebrates the birth of our great nation and ultimately the way of life that many of us live everyday, and unfortunately, that many of us take for granted.
Freedom and Liberty are words thrown around a lot, sometimes so much that they can lose their meanings. But these words are so important to our country's history, and to all of humanity's future. Think about that word for just a second, Freedom. Any amazing gift that should have come guaranteed, but, as history and our present show, did not and does not. America can be flawed, but it's belief in freedom is real and inspirational and continues to influence.
But the reason I love America the most, is her ability to inspire dreams and hope in all people. In the very fiber of our nation (and it's birth) we believed in something greater. That all people are equal, that all people should be free, and that all people can pursue what brings them happiness.
An ideal, yes, of course, but also a very real goal that we continue to strive towards.
We aren't perfect, but I love that we keep working to be! The way we dream. The way we hope. It raises all of us to new heights!

HAPPY 4th of JULY!! Let Freedom ring....always...and for all people!

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