Thursday, July 4, 2013

Let Freedom Ring. Always.

The 4th of July.
An amazing day, and not just because of the barbequing and fireworks (although that's great too). The 4th of July celebrates the birth of our great nation and ultimately the way of life that many of us live everyday, and unfortunately, that many of us take for granted.
Freedom and Liberty are words thrown around a lot, sometimes so much that they can lose their meanings. But these words are so important to our country's history, and to all of humanity's future. Think about that word for just a second, Freedom. Any amazing gift that should have come guaranteed, but, as history and our present show, did not and does not. America can be flawed, but it's belief in freedom is real and inspirational and continues to influence.
But the reason I love America the most, is her ability to inspire dreams and hope in all people. In the very fiber of our nation (and it's birth) we believed in something greater. That all people are equal, that all people should be free, and that all people can pursue what brings them happiness.
An ideal, yes, of course, but also a very real goal that we continue to strive towards.
We aren't perfect, but I love that we keep working to be! The way we dream. The way we hope. It raises all of us to new heights!

HAPPY 4th of JULY!! Let Freedom ring....always...and for all people!

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