Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's the FINAL DAYS....

No, not THE final days.  Just the final days of the Picnic Area 11 Prepare to Play & Picnic Contest!  The contest runs till June 11, so you still have time, but enter now!

As a reminder, to enter:
Watch Picnic Area 11 on YouTube, and find the hidden 4 digit code and email it to to receive an entry in to the drawing!

Receive additional entries:
By answering the daily PICNIC PUZZLERS on the facebook fan page & changing your profile photo to a Picnic Area 11 photo!
More Details about Prizes and Rules at the ORIGINAL POST.

And now, a BLOOPER from Picnic Area 11, just posted to YouTube.  Enjoy!  And if you do enjoy, there are more to come, so subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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You can win THESE!!

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