Monday, January 28, 2013

The Man I Killed

In this crazy industry of mine, you often work on things that you can't share or show or even talk about.  And then more often then not, these things that you work on, that you can't share or talk about, are never completed or get shelved or even forgotten. 
But sometimes, a project you worked on, is completed, and not only is it completed, but you even get to actually see it!  It's just that, no one else really gets to see it......but hey, at least you got to see your work, right?!?
But then, most rare, there are times, when said project that was completed and that you got to see is uploaded (with permission from the director) to youtube, and is available, in it's entirety, to view and share and for everyone to see!!

Yup, that's kind of what happened with, The Man I Killed.

I'm very excited to share this short film, that I worked on a few years ago now with you!  The film is directed and written by Adam Carr.  It was filmed mostly on location in Temecula, CA.  For years I've featured a clip from it on my demo reel (the black and white clip where I speak Arabic) but now I'm finally able to share the entire film!
While the film isn't perfect (how many are?), there are a lot of great moments in it (like the clip on my demo reel). 
The thing I enjoyed most about working on The Man I Killed (besides the actual days of shooting, which were not only a blast, but creatively invigorating and challenging) was how it turned out in the end! And how many great moments it ultimately has in it.
From the cinematography, to the writing, to the acting, to the directing, to the stylized and creative choices made by the director, I think this film has lots of strong moments and cool ideas and scenes.  Even if it isn't everyone's "cup or tea" or if it has some structural problems, I have always believed that you will be able to look at this film and see the beginnings of a lot of talented people just starting to find their way, specifically the Director and Writer, Adam Carr.  I look forward to seeing what he and the others involved create and perfect in the future! 

I also look forward to hearing your thoughts!  Please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts if you feel so inclined. 
And now, enjoy!

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