Friday, November 16, 2012

Freaky Friday Foto: Daniel Bedingfield

Alright, well today is Friday (still, even though I'm updating a little late) and for this edition of F.F.F. I figured I would talk about someone other then myself!
Hey, there are no rules that say I have to always update about my life and career.  Sometimes it's nice to chat about things that inspire me or what others are accomplishing!  So here we go .....

I have been a fan of Daniel Bedingfield for awhile now and this new video of his completely rocks!!  It's dynamic, freaky and totally works for the song but it most importantly accomplishes that rare feat of being fairly original.  While there is clearly a sexual energy to it, and GASP, some nudity (be warned!) there is still an awkwardness and clumsiness to it that totally works.  It sets itself up like an analogy for love and relationships.  Intense at times, awkward and weird at other times, but always moving and changing.  The video inspires me and is a great accomplishment for music videos in my opinion.  Especially nowadays when it seems like everything has been done, and we are jaded and have limited attention spans.  Most artists do music videos now for purely economic reasons (i.e. Advertising) and not creative ones.  It's nice to see an artist, being an artist and doing it with an amazing tool like the nearly extinct music video!

Check it out and see what you think.  Also, if you haven't heard of Daniel or want some FREE music, check out his website: there you can find out more about him, see his other videos, connect with him on facebook, and right now, you can get a free download of his new EP by just giving the site your email!  I love the EP (which the song from the music video comes from) and hey, you can't beat free, right?

Long live music videos!!  Congrats to Daniel for doing his part!

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