Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bloopers, Bro!

Politics and Presidential Elections are serious business.  Film making is too....
No!  I'm serious!  Really, it is!  Hard work, long hours, suffering for your creative art.....come on!!
Just... um.... please pay no attention to all the laughing and fun from my latest video, How to Hillp: Bloopers, Bro made from the outtakes and bloopers of the BROS 4 HILLARY tutorial, How to Hillp

Even though this political season has gotten quite intense and quite ugly, and while I absolutely feel that electing the next President of the United States of America is extremely important, I also feel like sometimes, when life gets intense, a good laugh is always welcome.

I hope you enjoy a good chuckle by clicking the Blooper reel below and after I hope you check out the original tutorial, the director's cut, and a teaser trailer! 
Come on!  Bro out and enjoy!

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