Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Party in the USA

I'm super excited and very proud to be able to officially share with all of you the anti Trump ad I had been working on for the Democratic Coalition Against Trump!!

The pac just released it this morning and at last count it already had over 8K views on Facebook alone!!


Please take a minute now and check it out!

You can do so by clicking the video embedded below and be taken to my "Paulitics Playlist" on YouTube OR if you prefer, you can see the video on Facebook HERE

Once you've watched the video, if you enjoy, please be sure to like, share, and please consider donating to help STOP trump...

You can make a donation to support the Democratic Coalition Against Trump HERE

Special thanks to my amazing editor Gareth Fient who helped make this project a reality!!!!

 #nevertrump #imwithher

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