Friday, May 10, 2013

Sneak Peek!! Shhhh.....

WOW.  May 11th is already almost here!  Time flies!  Tomorrow is May 11th, and with it, the official premiere of my short film, Picnic Area 11.

I'm so proud and excited to show off the results of the talented individuals who were a part of the film.  From the actors to the crew to the post crew, EVERYONE did an amazing job!

AND as a little surprise to those of you who subscribe and read my blog, I am giving you an exclusive SNEAK PEEK to Picnic Area 11!!  YUP, that's right, you get to see the film NOW if you choose....but Shhhh.... mum is the word!  And hell, I added some unreleased behind the scenes photos too!  Why not, right?  Happy Friday! 
The official PREMIERE on YouTube is tomorrow, May 11th!
I hope you enjoy the film and if you do, please like it, share it, and let your friends and family know about it!

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