Thursday, June 28, 2012

I lose, but you don't have to!

And... we're.... back!!
After some delay and no posts (sorry, it's been a busy couple of months) I am back and offer a new clip as an apology for my absence!
The clip is from a promo I did a few months back for Film Funds, and their new contest!

First a little bit about the contest, which you can totally enter and win (and should, since I can't!).
It's easy....
Go to the website (after watching the promo with me, of course!) then download the app, snap photos of anything movie related and register the image!  That's it!  You'll then be entered in a daily contest plus be eligible for the grand drive (a car!).  Pretty cool right?

The two day shoot was in May and was a blast working on.  Very small and laid back crew, but a ton of fun and a lot of creativity.
Patrick Williams produced it and Grant Aldrich and Matt Schleicher directed and filmed it.

I think the final product is awesome and I look forward to working with this team again hopefully very soon!
Check out the promo and enter the contest HERE

I'm back and promise not to be MIA here, so keep checking back!

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