Monday, April 16, 2012

You'd think I had a big summer movie coming out...with all the press I've been doing....

In case you missed some (or all of it) I thought I would do a quick recap of the various interviews, radio shows, and press I've done lately....

First off, read my interview with the talented and fun, Terrence Moss HERE.  I think it's a well written piece and while you are checking it out, be sure to also check the rest of his site out (great reads!!).  You can also find Terrence on facebook, HERE.

Next up, my radio interview with ShowBiz-View, hosted by LeRad and special guest host (and my friend) the lovely Lauren Ivy Choing.  This was a fun interview I gave about mid way through the show.  Being interviewed by a coworker and friend made it all the more fun.
Hear the archive of the live broadcast HERE (be sure to give it a moment to load up, it seems like nothing is happening, but it is! Patience!).

ALSO, check out Lauren's blog and her write up about the interview and (yup, you guessed it) me again, HERE.  And all you parents out there with children will really like Lauren's blog, movie reviews, and many adventures I'm sure you can relate with!

Lastly, I was invited back to LA Talk Radio with Frank, David, and Michael to chat a little bit about my successful Kickstarter pledge and co-host.  Find out information on the guys and hear the archive of the live studio broadcast HERE.

WHEW!  I'm exhausted!  That's a lot of press and a TON of links and a lot of talking....about me got your work cut out for you!  Just image how long it took me to WRITE this

I hope you enjoy and take some time to support the various people who have so kindly supported me and my career!  And stay tuned for more... SOON!

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P.S.- Heck, I figure, while I'm at it, why not add ONE MORE LINK?  So here it is:
Don't forget that the American Idiot Contest is still happening...enter to win before the 22nd!!  Super easy!!  More details HERE.

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