Monday, April 25, 2016

Deeply Personal

I have to be honest, it's a bit surreal and very strange to share this. Something so personal, so DEEPLY personal.
Ultimately, I have to share it though. No other option because the possible benefits far outweigh my personal fears of being exposed.
It is my belief that as others read and eventually share this article we will be sending out a life preserver to those hidden or completely forgotten victims. Children who grew into adults alone and filled with shame. This lifeline giving them a new voice, giving them closure, and finally giving them a community that understands and relates to them, after feeling so utterly alone for so long.
My other hope, is that by sharing my personal traumas I will help to bring awareness, understanding, and that I will educate others…. encouraging others to share.
The laws must be changed.
Our children must be prioritized and protected.
To abuse a child is not the worst thing we can do to them. No.
To neglect and ignore and allow them to carry their shame alone, that is the greatest injustice inflicted on a victim.
Please help me to start somewhere, to stop these injustices by sharing and spreading awareness.
Thank you.

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