Monday, September 14, 2015

boys become men PREMIERES (early)

I am so proud, and so very excited to premiere my new short film/music video hybrid, boys become men to you, my amazing supporters!!!  As a special thank you for your support, all of my blog followers and YouTube subscribers (just like you), are getting an advanced viewing of the film now!  The film will officially premiere tomorrow, on 9/15/15.

Similar to my previous hybrid, HELLO, I use an iconic artist's music (and song) to tell a new and different story.  There is an irony here, just like last time, but a much more political, satirical and personal story.  The viewer will hopefully be challenged to see the pop song (and it's original message) in a new light.
Different then HELLO, I do not appear in this film, but really loved the opportunity to focus solely on directing and producing it!
I enjoyed presenting a similar concept (i.e. hybrid film), but with a completely new execution, energy, look, and vibe.  Both films are related, but uniquely their own, and I couldn't be more proud!!

Thank you to the talented cast and the amazing crew I was fortunate enough to have help me create this project and who so honestly and openly committed to their stories and to my ideas.  I appreciate all of them sharing and participating!

And with no further ado... the world premiere of my film.... boys become men

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