Monday, August 25, 2014

"I wonder where you are...."

Well, wonder no more!  HELLO can now easily be found, both on YouTube AND NOW on Vimeo!!

Haven't seen HELLO on YouTube yet?  Well now there is NO excuse to not check out my short film/music video hybrid!! No excuse!
The film Hello creatively uses Lionel Richie's iconic song of the same name to tell a new and surprising story.
I am very proud of the results and of my team!  I've been so thankful for all the kind words and people sharing their thoughts and opinions with me!  Join the conversation!  I would love to hear your thoughts after you watch Hello!!
Also, be sure to check out my previous blog chatting about HELLO and it's content HERE
*Please be advised, Hello contains PG CONTENT!!

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HELLO from Paul Howard on Vimeo.

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