Friday, July 25, 2014

Officially ended.

The Heisted Kickstarter campaign has officially ended, and we did not make our goal.
To the 38 individuals, in total, who, with action supported and pledged to Heisted, I want to personally and sincerely thank you.  Thank you for supporting my project.  I know each and every one of your names and will always remember and be grateful for your support.
I also want to say, to those 38 backers, that this is not the end of Heisted.  This is just the end for now.  The silver lining is that the idea of Heisted has been created, and that can’t be undone.  Heisted will someday, in a different way, be made.

To everyone, I believe creativity and art must be supported…financially.  Artists make their art for the love of it and for you to enjoy, to be challenged by, stimulated, inspired, and to be entertained.  This process is not free of cost.  An audience has a responsibility in this process.  Even in this digital age of ours, content-good content-costs money to make.
Why should art be consumed at no cost to the viewer and at all cost to the artist?

Remember to dream.  Remember to follow your dreams (with action). 
Remember that dreaming is where everything tangible and real was born.
Keep the Faith.

I do.

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