Monday, June 23, 2014

Three so far. Tomorrow makes Four.

Hopefully you've heard about the EZ Productions Promos by now...
We've released three so far, and all three have reached over a 1000 views each on YouTube!!  The reaction has been amazing!

The promos were created for Ettore Zuccarelli and his Production company, EZ Productions.  They feature him, and a whole bunch of other "characters" (even some of the Celebrity type!).  The promos are directed and written by Yours Truly and are edited by Gareth Fient.

Tomorrow we'll premiere the newest one, SPECIFICS.  Check out all of the ones you've missed so far (plus the EZ PROMO Teaser) at the EZ PRODUCTIONS YouTube page, and see the newest one, Specifics, tomorrow, June 24th!

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