Monday, April 14, 2014

Funny Bunny

Just in time for.... well, let's be honest, do the EZ Productions Promos need to be in time for anything specific?  This one does just happen to be in time for Easter!

I'm proud to introduce the newest EZ Productions Promo...."Wardrobe."  I directed and wrote it and am once again, very proud of the final product!

Special thanks to Ettore Zuccarelli, Peet's Coffee, Brett Richards, Jamie Dedeaux, and Paulo Rocha

Post Work (including editing, sound, & color correction) by: Gareth Fient

Produced by: Ettore Zuccarelli & Paul Howard For EZ PRODUCTIONS and WHAT'S THE ALTERNATIVE? PRODUCTIONS


*Shot entirely with the GoPro Hero3 Camera

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** Coming in May "Talent" and in June "Specifics" **

*Special thanks to all the talented cast of "characters" appearing (or soon appearing) throughout our monthly promos:
(In Alphabetical Order)
Jeffery Acoff, Aaron Bauer, Carmine Bicchetti, Sonia Chopra, Igor Corbe, Marcia Cross, Patrick Dempsey, Matt H. Erdems, Edy Ganem, Victor Garber, Whoopi Goldberg, Nate Hoffman, Paul Howard, Felicity Huffman, JoJo the Donkey, Katie the Monkey, Tatiana Kaufman, Eva Longoria, Lotus the Lamb, Linda Medvene, Yanis Onkes, Ana Oritz, Dania Ramirez, Arielle Raycene, Judy Reyes, Brett Richards, Paulo Rocha, Rebecca Romijn, Roselyn Sanchez, Nicolette Sheridan, Susie the Elephant, Dennis Tong (aka Lucky Madison)

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