Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A new "AS IS" starring Eve Sigall and Jimmy Boyland

I'm excited! A new "AS IS" starring Eve Sigall and Jimmy Boyland premiered on Thursday, January 30th!
Even more exciting, for me, is that it's release marks the final chapter of my "EVERYTHING=EVERYTHING" vision! Something that all started with the dark comedy short, Everything As Is premiering in October and then continued into the holidays with the premiere of the holiday film, Everything Twas. But when you use the word EVERYTHING, you got to mean it! So, by January 30th, and in addition to the main films that were released, I will have also released; two trailers, two "AS IS" mini shorts, a 1950's parody film, and various behind the scenes clips/interviews! For good measure I even did a week long holiday contest across both fan pages giving away two of the Ceramic Christmas trees that appear in the films and a thematically tied in Holiday card for 2013!!
I worked with over 19 talented actors. Multiple crew on set and amazing post production peeps! The Everything As Is/Everything Twas playlist on YouTube currently has over 1440 views alone!!
I got to say... I feel successful in my endeavors and so very thankful! Thank you to everyone who was involved creatively and thanks to every one else who supported us by watching, liking, and sharing!!
I love this feeling of community within the arts! May 2014 bring even more of it!!

To see any of the above mentioned clips and films, check out the EVERYTHING AS IS/EVERYTHING TWAS PLAYLIST ON YOUTUBE here:

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