Monday, July 11, 2011


They say with movies there are three versions, the one that is written, the one that is filmed, and then the one that is edited.  I guess that's the case with Commercials too!
This is a commercial I worked on for the Swedish Company, Hitta.  Hitta is a Swedish search engine that offers telephone directory, addresses and maps.
The final version, that is currently airing in Sweden, is below, however the original script was slightly different.  In it a mismatched couple on a first date are in a fine restaurant waiting for their waiter to open and pour their wine.  After a struggle (and some inappropriate flirtation) the distracted waiter finally opens the bottle, but ends up spilling it all over the woman and her dress, at which point she storms out, date over!
The final version is a much shorter, simpler version but that's the thing with an actor.  Your job is only one part of a larger project.  At the end of the day you can only hope that you've done your job and that the final results will be great!
The shoot was a true pleasure to work on and a lot of fun.  The other actors and crew were great!
The commercial is directed by Markus Johnson and features actors Paul Howard, Iacopo Wachter, and Eli Jane.  Produced by the film production company Kamisol.
See it below.


Commercial for Hitta from Paul Howard on Vimeo.


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