Saturday, April 30, 2011

I said I wanted Gritty...and then, I did it on ACTUAL film!

Here are the gritty results from my recent photo shoot with Photographer Christopher Singleton.

I had come across Christopher's work on ModelMayhem and while most of it was nudes, I was struck by the "grit" and "wash" of his work.  It looked dated, almost like it was authentic photos from the wild west.  One particular picture shows a man dressed as a classic cowboy and I could believe it was real, and from some distant time.  I also found out that Chris shots with real film, which is extremely rare now, and was intrigued by that fact!
So I decided it would be fun to work together on something, lucky for me, Chris was very excited to work together and had a trip already planned to LA!  So an old mattress and an alley later....we had a shot!
Here are the results!  Special thanks to the MUA, Lilly Vivona.  Hope you enjoy....

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