Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Speak Swedish!!

I speak Swedish!  Ok....not really...but more on that later....
This past weekend, I had a blast working with the talented production company Kamisol on a commercial project for Sweden.  I can't discuss specific details on the project yet, but as soon as I can, or once it's complete, I will update here!
What I can say, the commercial was directed by Markus Johnson who was a blast to work with!  Besides being a talented and fun director he could always also consider a career in teaching!  Since, last minute, they decided it would be great for the lead actress and I to speak a few lines of Swedish!  Since neither one of us speak the language, Markus taught us how to speak it (or at least fake it for the purpose of this commercial).  He was successful in teaching us and I look forward to seeing the final product!  My understanding is that it will appear in numerous forms in Sweden (television, print, billboard, online) so I guess anyone based in Sweden or planning a trip there should keep a look out.
Hmmm....maybe this is the perfect excuse to plan a trip and visit somewhere I haven't been yet!!
See a few fun behind the scenes photos below from the shoot.  Thanks again to the entire cast and crew, it was a blast working with you all!!

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