Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nashua International Film Festival (Nashua, NH) - Premiering Here!


As part of the 6th Annual Art Walk, an event which brings visitors and artists to the Nashua, New Hampshire area, Nashua's International Film Festival at Art Walk will kick off as part of a three day event, October 1-3, 2010. Art Walk was "rated as one of the best art events in New Hampshire and Nashua by 2010 readers" according to HippoPress. The Nashua International Film Festival at Art Walk will recognize the best of emerging independent filmmakers. Started through the initiative of City Arts Nashua and local filmmaker John McCarthy, the event will take place in Nashua's historic Downtown and embrace the growing artist community. Residents of the public in Nashua have expressed a strong interest in film returning to Downtown Nashua and by uniting their interests with those of filmmakers, the Nashua International Film Festival at Art Walk promises to be a celebration of independent film. Featuring an independent panel of judges, the event will include a variety of categories such as feature film, short film, documentary, student film, and music videos. Submissions from any state, province, or country are accepted.
For more information, please visit our submission page at WITHOUTABOX.COM

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