Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Actor Paul Howard's Biography

Ask Paul's parents, and they will tell you Paul was destined to be a performer. As a child he grabbed his toy guitar and performed Beatles songs for them on a makeshift stage; as a teenager he gained local notoriety for his uncanny ability to emulate Michael Jackson down to the smallest nuances of his performance; and when he ultimately left his Sacramento home to attend the University of California, Irvine as a drama major, his fate was sealed.

After college, Paul moved north towards the bright lights of Hollywood, where his interests in the entertainment industry continued to grow and evolve, the one thing that hasn't changed however is Paul's devoted passion to the performing arts. He has built a life working in the industry, and has been seen in film, television, music videos, local theater and his modeling work has appeared online and in national publications. Many of his credits can be found here at his official website, as well as at the film reference site

Paul continues to challenge himself with new and exciting opportunities, always striving to grow and evolve. This website serves as not only a great source of information on Paul and his work, but a testament to Paul’s creativity, ambition, passion and his evolution.

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