Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Paul's 12 Days of December!

Tis the season to be generous.  Tis the season to help others and give back.  I often feel that while I agree with these sentiments they tend to get lost or forgotten in all the business of the holidays!  This year I started thinking about what I could DO to change that, and hopefully add a little holiday spirit to my life and to others.  So I'm doing Paul's 12 Days of December!  What is Paul's 12 Days of December you ask?  Well, let me explain...Starting December 1st and till the 12th, each day I will take the opportunity to support and officially endorse ONE of my favorite things in the hope that others will discover and support them also!  Ah, now you get it, right?
I obviously have MANY favorite things (there is so much in and about life to LIKE) these are just my 12 picks for this year!  Ultimately, I figured things that I like, and am still passionate about, such as Tivo, Starbucks, Amazon or Priceline didn't specifically need my personal endorsement.   So instead, I focused on things in MY life that maybe you have never heard of or don't even know about.   Things that I am passionate about and want others to be!  Many are local to Los Angeles, where I live.  Some are more specific to me being a part of the entertainment business, some don't matter what business you are in.  Some you can eat.  Some cause sweat.  Some move your feet. 
ALL, are things I endorse and hope you'll check out and support!!!  If you do like any of them (or find you like them) please remember to "pay it forward", check out their sites, LIKE them on facebook, and repost them to your various networks. 
Wishing you a HAPPY HOLIDAYS for 12 days and beyond!!

Keep checking back here daily for the next FAVORITE!
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