Saturday, January 30, 2016


Something that DEFINES an artist, and in my opinion, separates them from the current cultural confusion of "social media popularity," "reality stars," and "famous" is a desire by the artist to use their ART in a very personal way, to tell very personal stories.
Sure, there is also a desire, in many cases, to entertain, but equally there is a desire to educate, to provoke or in the specific case of my short film/music video hybrid, boys become men, to use said art as a way to a deeper, PERSONAL understanding of my own feelings of my past, AND a cathartic release for the present and my eventual future. All the while, there is a hope that this deeply personal journey will also benefit others by inspiring and educating them!
I somehow doubt that is what Instagram or the Kardashian's, or reality shows strive for.
I'm VERY proud of this deeply personal and emotional FILM that has become all the more emotional and poignant for me with recent events and challenges in my life.
If you have a moment, I would LOVE for you to watch and then to hear your thoughts and feelings either here or via the comments section on YouTube!
Thank you for supporting my ART and for supporting ARTISTS.

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